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Renaissance Carpet & Tapestries, Inc. was established in 1989 when it's group of founders sought to revive the magnificent art of Savonnerie & Aubusson in authentic articulation.  Their vision was realized in French designer & master colorist, Philippe Hecquet.  Mr. Hecquet brought Renaissance not only the name of a well-respected 20th century French designer, but also centuries of knowledge as owner of a French Aubusson Manufacture, Manufacture Hamot, later known as Manufacture Hecquet, established in 1762.



Carpets produced by Renaissance can be found in the finest homes, palaces, museums & chateaux from Washington D.C. to Riyadh.  Mr. Hecquet's extraordinary talent for the refined elegance and delicate style of the "age of allurement" places Renaissance at the forefront of international home furnishing trends.  With Mr. Hecquet's talent and Renaissance's demand for quality, the carpet and tapestry collections produced by Renaissance remain unparalleled in the global marketplace.


Renaissance stands behind its European carpet productions in China every step of the way and with focus, patience, preserverance & an exceptional team, has succeeded in recreating its own "Renaissance" in fine handwoven art.  In keeping with the same principles that govern European carpet production, Renaissance has also expanded to encompass divisions in Pakistan and India.  By broadening the collection range, Renaissance has evolved from a formal French style company, into a representative of the world's finest woven traditions.

Today Renaissance's line of collections include: Plush Aubusson, Heavyweight Needlepoints, Bessarabian, Sakura, Indo Soumack, Double Soumack, Vegetable-Dyed Orientals & Tabriz in addition to the traditional Savonnerie, Aubusson & Tapestry Collections. Presently Renaissance offers several hundred designs in each of the traditional lines and is adding new designs to the Tabriz Collection monthly. In addition, Renaissance has also recently acquired several hundred antique Machettes, which have influenced many new innovative designs to augment both the programmed & custom Savonnerie selection, inspiring designs that are fit for royalty. Lastly, in late 2009/early 2010 Renaissance unveiled a modern line of Tibetan-Nepalese rugs of high quality wool and soy-silk, designed by edgy urban artists.  These designs, bold in color and style represent the latest 'Renaissance' from the leading cultivator of high quality hand woven art.